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Standard Concrete Colored Concrete Hydro-Tint
Stamped Concrete Special Finishes & logos  
Special Finishes & Logos

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We can combine most of our driveway technologies to offer you an endless array of designer looks that improve the "curb appeal" of your home. Whenever color is added we recommend having it clear sealed with our durable acrylic sealer, which adds to washability of your new driveway surface and helps bring out the natural beauty of the colors.

Choice of finishes are available for an exciting change from that plain old Broom finish. And best of all these finishes can be Colored and even Sealed making it completely impervious to most stains. Concrete never cleaned so easily.

Customize Your Look
  • Sea Shell Finish
  • Granite Finish
  • Slate Finish
  • Random Cut Patterns
  • Exposed Aggregate
  • Compass Rose Logos
  • Custom Logos

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