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Standard Concrete Colored Concrete Hydro-Tint
Stamped Concrete Special Finishes & logos  
Standard Concrete

           Photo #ST33

Typical concrete companies pour basic gray concrete, at DeGeorge we offer a variety of stylish, upgraded looks. We have Stamped brick edges and joints as well as offering a selection of surface textures such as granite and slate, as opposed to the traditional broom swept finish which can look ordinary. For an even more individual look, an address can be added in ceramic tiles. We can picture frame the edges in a variety of sizes. Any one of these upgrades can add tremendous appeal and unique style to your project.

Customize Your Look
  • Faux-Brick Packages
  • Faux-Brick Packages w/Color
  • Picture Frame Edging
  • Address Numbers
  • Banded Edging
  • Granite & Slate Textures

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